The demand for housing and construction services is increasing every day & most of the searches for these services are coming through search engines like “Google” in the form of Organic traffic. In this scenario one of the important questions is, Do you have a website for your construction company that is standing with a decent web presence at the top of these search results?. If the answer is ‘No’ then it is crucial time to consider getting a fast-loading website with SEO aspects that can drive this traffic and convert these visitors into the form of your customers/clients.

The most important factors you should consider for a home builder web design

The Design

The design is the key factor of your website for the first impression.  Going through the above-the-fold section of the home page,  Your website should be able to convey the key message, and sales pitch of your company to convince the potential visitors to Sign up in your contact forms, Technically we call it “Conversion oriented web design”.

Fast Loading

When your potential visitors open the website for the first time they expect to load it quickly within 3 seconds. You have to keep in mind that the first impression is vital for business on the web and speed plays a crucial role here. A slow website is annoying for the users and they prefer to close it immediately and prefer to visit other. So the design and underlying technology used to develop your website should be able to render your website at a blazing speed by following the rules of google’s Core web vital to get more visitor engagement and SEO  ranking.

Layout and placement of Call to Action (CTA) elements

Call-to-action elements like “Contact Us”, and “Portfolio” elements should be placed carefully to grab the visitor’s attention to convert them better

Integration of Contact form with a CRM/ Click Funnel & Live chat integration

Placing a standard contact form and saving the submission in a database or getting the notice of submission through email is not enough for a better marketing strategy. The contact forms need to be linked with your CRM/Click funnel with triggers to attend the sales call immediately after the submission as the potential customers who are looking for these sorts of services are expecting an answer immediately about the inquiry, The most earlier you respond to this inquiry, the chances are high to win those leads. So a perfect chain of communication integration with your CTA elements is vital for better sales conversion. The live chat widget integration can also play a big role as these widgets are directly connected with your mobile device and you can do the communications with your visitors instantly during the visitor flow.

Responsive web design with mobile-first approach

Responsive web design simply means the website which can adjust its design automatically according to the visitor’s device. Ie If your visitor is browsing the site using their mobile phone then it should be capable to display the mobile-friendly design & at the same time if they are using their laptop or personal computer then the design should be different according to the desktop resolution. Nowadays more than 60% of the traffic is coming through mobile devices thus the importance of responsive design is very high for a good web presence.  

A top notch portfolio section

As a home builder, the portfolio section of your website speaks about the quality of the work, and clients will pick you only after analyzing your past work through this portfolio section,  thus the page or blocks for the portfolio should be eye-catching with high-quality images and ample of detailed information about your past projects. You can use it as a carousel on your home page with hyperlinks pointing to an index page with all portfolio listings that can be again drilled down into further detail for each project.

The most important things to consider when you are hiring a home builder web design agency

The cheap services come from inexperienced people. As the proverb says “All that glitters is not gold”, there are numerous cheap digital agencies in the crowd who offers cheap services to clients by copying decent digital agencies’ design or templates. Make sure that you are not going through that trap because you are investing in your web presence and you need your website as an icon to speak about your business in the digital crowd at the same time it should act like a magnet to drive potential leads. So keep a decent budget available to go with a decent digital agency when you are ready for the new website development

Ongoing website maintenance plays a large role to keep your website healthy for the long run. When picking a digital agency make sure that they are capable to cater your day-to-day periodic needs for the website updation, SEO and PPC needs

Always prefer content management systems like WordPress to develop your website as it offers easy updations and easy to use admin interface to manage, add or edit your pages and posts after the implementation

The blog section of a website plays a key role in SEO as well as visitor engagement by posting fresh content periodically and sharing the content through social media channels. It will also help you to get a better ranking in the search engine when you include your targeted keywords in your blog posts and eventually search engines will love it when they see this fresh content on a periodic basis.

Why you should select Hibiscus Technolab as a Home Builder Web Design Agency

We have ample industry experience in this sector by catering to several home builders to power up their websites and helping them to succeed to get a decent web presence in the past few years. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t we learned many crucial things from these past experiences. So when you select us for your website development there are no chances of trial and error as we will be only implementing the digital tactics that work in the real scenario

We offer genuine & realistic costing for your projects.

We are committed to our work by focussing on 100% client satisfaction and we offer 90 days of post-implementation support free of cost after you go live with your new website with 24*7 technical support. After that, you can sign up for our monthly maintenance plan (not mandatory) which usually starts from $47.