Importance of Website development for Restaurants

The trend of online food ordering has been increasing every year, having a beautifully  & carefully crafted website for your restaurant is essential and crucial to boost it’s online visibility, sales & brand awareness among your targeted audience


10 Reasons – Why The Websites for Restaurants Are Important

A website is your restaurant’s virtual existence in the online world. It’s the place where your customers will going to land when they search for relevant info, services, dishes to order online . Having a carefully crafted restaurant website will reap the following advantages:-

1. A website establishes credibility.

Many customers consider a website to be a strong indication that a company is founded and trustworthy. By comparison, not getting one will make you seem unprofessional or sketchy. A professional-looking restaurant website with reliable details shows to potential customers that you operate a trustworthy company.
When it comes to food, where the consequences of eating bad food are substantial (food poisoning is no laughing matter), demonstrating to your audience that you are serious about running your restaurant is crucial.

2. A website makes it easier for people to find your restaurant.

When someone wakes up hungry and searches for “breakfast taco near me” on their phone or laptop, only results with an online presence will appear.
Although a website isn’t needed to appear in a Google search—a google business listing plays a significant role in how quickly consumers can find you online, But having a combination of google business listing listed with a website url can drive 3x customers to your menu ordering page.

Your website authority is one of the factors Google considers when determining which companies and websites should appear on page one of a search. You won’t be able to gain authority if your restaurant doesn’t have a website, which means you’ll appear less often in similar searches. When you do show up and people notice that your Google listing lacks a website link, they can opt for a company that does have a website where they can learn more about the company and the food they serve. You’ll also miss out on online promotional opportunities because people who like your food have nothing to leave a feedback online.

3. Customers can explore your menu..

People want to know what they’re getting into before visiting to a particular restaurant. What particular dishes do you bring to the table? When your menu is available online, potential customers can quickly check their choices and determine what appeals to them even they can order online Making your menu available online is useful for everyone, but becomes especially important

4. You can present mouth-watering images of your dishes with a WOW factor.

Food appeals to more than just our taste buds. Although you can’t use your website to make people’s mouths water with the delicious aromas of your cooking, you can show them how delicious your dishes look. Utilize the visual medium of websites to show the most appetising entrees and appetisers.
When people get a glimpse of food that sounds amazing, it can become downright irresistible.

5. Option to order the food online and save the commissions charging by third party platforms

Online food ordering trend is increasing every day & every year especially during the COVID-19 pandemic time. If you don’t have a restaurant website with online ordering facility you will be straight away using a good portion of business that you can drive easily through online channels and you can also save commissions charged by third party online food ordering platforms

6. You have complete control of how your brand is represented

You don’t need a website to provide an online presence for your restaurant. Without ever launching a website, your restaurant can be classified on Yelp and Google. So it’s tempting to just stick with the simple options—customers will find you there, and you’ll save time and money by not having to create a website, right?

When you build your own restaurant website, you have complete control over it. You choose the colour scheme to match the rest of your branding. You talk about your restaurant in words that you know your customers care about. You may also upload the best photographs of the foods that your customers enjoy. Your website is where you can present your best online face to the world.

7. You give people a heads up about your restaurant hours and keep them informed

Have you ever gone to a restaurant you were excited to visit only to discover it was closed? You were probably starving and in a hurry to find something else to eat—not a pleasant experience. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on any regularity that once existed in restaurant schedules, the risk of this experience has increased..
You don’t want to let down customers who are still under pressure. A website is the most effective way to keep up-to-date information about your hours and the services you provide all in one place.
If dine-in service isn’t available and customers can place an order online for delivery, you’ll want to make sure they know where to look.

8. You can share safety precautions with your customers.

Your restaurant’s area, menu, and food photography are all considerations in deciding whether or not to choose it. However, in the era of COVID-19, consumers are still interested in learning more about how you’re working to keep customers and employees healthy.

9. You can publish offers & coupons to boost your sales

The primary purpose of a restaurant website is to advertise your food, but you don’t have to stop there. Any restaurant website with ecommerce capabilities can also be used to sell other products. You can publish your offers , coupon codes and easily increase the sales conversion online

10. Customer reviews can be published and highlighted.

Many restaurants claim to serve the best pizza, tacos, or barbecue in town, but most customers can see right through such claims unless they’re backed up by customer reviews. If you allow customer feedback on your website and everyone raves about how good your pasta dishes or enchiladas are, every website user will see a positive review.As you have complete control over your website you can sort out and highlight positive reviews easily according to your choice as compared to any third party platforms

 The Benefits Are Many | Let’s Build Your Restaurant Website Today

In the hardest time like COVID-19 Pandemic , running a restaurant to it’s full potential is hard. The World obviously aren’t in the best of times, Making sure you have an intuitive, useful, and appealing restaurant website is one of the most important things you can do right now to stay afloat ..Contact us for a free consultation to build your restaurant website within your affordable budget


Frequently asked questions

Can I modify the contents like menu & other informations after the development?

We will be building your restaurant website using content management systems with high level of flexibility to edit each and every content including menu items

A lot of my customers use smartphones and tablets. So it it moble enabled?

The design will be 100% mobile enabled , Your customers can visit the site and place the orders through their mobile without any hassle

Do you offer support after the development is completed?

Absolutely , We understand that business requirement and customer expectations are not always permanent . So we offer services to the constant amendments and fine tuning to cater the business needs .

Our restaurant website  development services comes with 3 months free post implementation support . During this time you can cover any missing requirements or tweak the design after it goes live . After this period free post implementation period you can either subscribe to our website maintenance plan with a discounted rate or we can work on a hourly rate / on demand (one time fee according to the requirement) to cater further needs

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